how to keep your hair healthy this winter

Keep your hair looking shiny and soft this winter with these helpful tips

Hair Healthy Winer

Having healthy, strong, shiny hair is everyones goal am I right?! With the brutal, cold weather in the midwest, my hair needs a little extra TLC. I use heat on my hair almost everyday so I definitely take the necessary precautions in the winter to keep my hair looking healthy all year round. I wanted to share some of my favorite hair care products and regimens I use to keep my hair growing long and healthy! From heat protection to how I brush my hair, the littlest things can have an effect on the look and feel of your hair!

Turn the temperature of your showers down: I know its so tempting to jump into a super hot shower after being out in the cold, but the hot water isn’t good for your skin or hair! Hot water takes the moisture out of your skin and hair and causes it to dry out. Take a warm shower instead!

Conditioner matters: I use conditioner every time I wash my hair and I apply it from my scalp to the ends of my hair. Conditioner helps prevent breakage and keeps your hair moisturized!

Air dry your hair: Air drying your hair is the healthiest way to dry your hair! I’m guilty of this, but using a hairdryer every morning is damaging to your hair. Also, never go outside in the cold with wet hear! The freezing temperatures can cause your hair to freeze and break.

Decrease the amount of time you wash your hair per week: Washing your hair everyday washes away the nature oils and moisturizers on your scalp. Washing your hair 2-3 times a week, instead of every day, will keep your hair healthy. On days you don’t wash your hair, using dry shampoo or just rinsing your hair with cold/warm water will help absorb the oils.

Brush your hair from the bottom up! Start at the tangled ends and move up towards the roots to avoid breakage!

Invest in some hair oils! Conditioners are great for keeping in moisture but oils give your hair the essential fatty acids and nutrients it needs!