10 Scary movies to watch this october

*picture courtesy of Pinterest*

October signifies the beginning of fall, which means Halloween.  I absolutely love everything that comes along with the holiday.  Costumes, pumpkin patches and even candy corn (it’s delicious, I don’t care what anyone says).  Even though picking out a halloween costume is arguably the most stressful thing I do all year, I LOVE dressing up.  Like, next level love.  Lucky for me, my mom is completely obsessed with the holiday too, decorating our entire house with fake cobwebs and pumpkins.

While I am totally that person that loves Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus and all the other Disney halloween movies, sometimes I need a good scare.  I’m the biggest baby when it comes to horror movies.  Like closing my eyes and plugging my ears, because honestly, the sounds are almost scarier than the actual movie scene, right? I never watch scary movies at night and I sure as hell don’t watch them alone. Lately I’ve become such a home-body that there’s nothing I love more than hanging out with friends/family and watching a good movie.

Below are my top 10 favorite horror movies you should watch this October! No particular order, I just listed them as I thought of them.

Don’t Breathe: This movie is super thrilling and jumpy and I had to close my eyes almost every 10 minutes.  It was just super creepy and the ending had a crazy plot twist.

The Strangers: The fact that this movie was inspired by true events makes it one of the scariest movies, for me. I was on edge throughout the entire movie. A couple is staying in a cabin out in the middle of the woods when a couple of freaky masked “visitors” show up.

Hush: A deaf woman and a killer in the woods – what else do I need to say. This movie made me squirm.

The Conjuring: Paranormal s*** really freaks me out and this movie is packed full of it. A family moves into a house where a bunch of supernatural presences pretty much terrorize them.

It Follows: As if STD’s aren’t scary enough already, this movie takes the concept of them to a whoooole new level.

The Babadook: Kind of like the boogieman, this movie is actually so creepy.  It was even voted the scariest movie in the UK.

The Nightmare:  This movie gave me actual nightmares. Basically, when you fall asleep, you see “him” and can’t wake up. So f-ing scary.

Jeepers Creepers: This movie gets me every time. Basically, this ancient “creeper” eats human body parts, which then form parts of its own body.  So scary. So creepy.

The Collector: A creepy home invasion movie. A “madman” has taken a family hostage and set up the entire house with deadly traps.  Definitely a good thriller.

Would You Rather: A rich man promises money to anyone who can survive a night at his house but they have to play the sadistic game he throws at them. Super creepy and kind of gore-y.