Ways to incorporate bandanas this fall

Easy Ways to Incorporate Bandanas into Your Fall Wardrobe

Happy fall! I love the new trend of bandanas this year! They are so cute and versatile and I love how they add to an outfit. Whether you want to tie them around your neck, bag or hair they add an element of chic to your look.  Personally, my favorite bandanas are the silkier material.  They’re soft on your hair and also add a pop of color to your outfit!  These are some of my favorite ways to incorporate bandanas into outfits!

Around the bun

You know those days when you half a can of dry shampoo trying to make your hair look presentable, but eventually just end up throwing it up in a bun?  Tie a cute bandana around your topknot and your outfit will instantly look more chic and put together!

Around the Ponytail

I love how this simple hairstyle is.  I would recommend a silkier bandana so that it stays in place without looking stiff or rigid.  Whether you want a low ponytail or a higher one, tying a bandana around it makes the hairstyle look so stylish.

As a scarf

This is by far my favorite style! It’s so cute and something different instead of just adding a necklace.  A simple, cute scarf makes any outfit look super chic and put together.

Around your purse

I love this look! Especially if you have a plain colored purse, like my black one.  Tying a simple scarf around it gives your bag a pop of color!